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My Belief.

Why? In my mind, the answer to this question is fundamental because it’s gives meaning to actions. This meaning provides the force and energy required to achieve something. And this « Why? », refers directly to another question « What do I believe in? ». In other words, what meaning does one wish to impart to one’s work and life? This is the answer to the « why? » question.

I think we can do better. I think there’s so much things to improve and invent. For businesses and for people. So, why did I strive to develop my knowledge? Because I believe we can make tomorrow better than it is today.

« I believe we can make tomorrow better than it is today. »

This Blockchain thing.

I consider Blockchain technology as a growth opportunity for companies and a ground-breaking one for customers. Experience the emergence of the internet of value as a game changer for businesses and people is very exciting. This is why I try to be involved.

As a marketer, my intuition tells me, we need to take a deeper look to blockchain and its features from a marketing point of view. I think it will have a great impact for on our paradigm. I’m convinced that will happen. We begin to see this impact. The way people consume, exchange and interact with each others. That’s why I dig into this tech. So, I think we need to find out what impact on our job this technology will create.

I’m convinced decentralized technologies are the future. Now it’s our job to make it happen.

« It’s our job to make it happen. »


The strategy of a business school
MSc Digital Marketing @Kedge Business School 2015 – 2017

I spent two years in business school. The first year, I’ve studied traditional marketing. The second, was about Digital and I had some unrelated classes. Like Marketing of Services, Culture consomption and Marketing, BtoB Marketing and Brand Management. These courses and the teachers who teach them to me learnt me a lot and now I use this knowledge in the benefit of businesses I work for and also for my personal life.
During these two amazing years. I’ve met so much talented peoples and teachers. At the end of my second years with a team of 3 persons we received the price for the best pitch during the « Innovation Challenge » of Kedge Business School.

These years of learning business and strategy were aimed to reach a global objective in my education. Mix the strategy of a business school and the creativity of a communication school. With these competencies, it is now about put them into practice.

The creativity of a communication school
Bachelor of Communication & Advertising @Esupcom 2012 – 2015

Sometimes, people ask me why I did a communication school. To me, the creativity skill is one of the most important one. Not just because we know things about communication and advertising but because we spent 3 years training our brain on how to create ideas. This is called the « creative jump » or how we can relate two ideas which are not related in the first place. This is from this creative jump that we saw the best advertisements. That way, we’re seeing today big entrepreneurs create disruptive businesses. This word « disruptive » is very old in advertisment. This is even more, a method. We trained ourselves to disrupt concepts at every new cases that our amazing teachers gave us.

So, why a communication school? Because you are trained to disrupt concept.

« We trained ourselves to disrupt concepts.« 


July 2017 – Now



December 2017 – Now


January 2016 – July 2016

– Managing Google AdWords accounts
– Digital strategy and recommendations for large accounts
– Analysis of business opportunities and creation of sales materials
– Digital Benchmark
– Product development Smart Data Center


February 2016 – April 2016

– Service providers management and negotiation
– UX design recommendation (website & mobile)
– Brand development strategy
– Product development strategy



May 2015 – July 2015

– Brand management
– Graphic design management
– Brand development strategy
– Internal communication
– Event creation
– Event promotion
– 360° communication strategy


September 2014 – March 2015

– Development of « Google for Pros » and « Google Partners » events throughout France
– Marketing and event communication
– CRM and prospects management




You can also visit Google for Pros website (and if you look closely you will see me. Wanna play « Where’s Waldo? »)

November 2013 – December 2013

– Redesign of the brand
– Brand management and brand development
– Brand and product communication
– Sponsoring

May 2013 – June 2013

– HTML5/CSS3 website creation
– Benchmark
– Assistance of 2 calls for tenders


November 2012 – December 2012

– Analysis of creation processes


« We trained ourselves to disrupt concepts.« 


Discover some of my competencies. I acquired these through my universities, readings and experiments. This is not a complete list but it can give an overview of my skills.
[!] These percentages exist for informational purpose only. I do not really like these self-assessments but they are great features to give an inaccurate assessment to the reader. [!]
Digital Marketing & Strategy 83%
Paid Advertising 69%
Analytics 65%
CMS 70%
Blockchain Understanding 77%
Value Proposition Design 80%
Public Speaking & Pitch 75%

• IBM Blockchain Essentials – 2017
• IBM Design Thinking Practitioner – 2017
• MOOC Blockchain – Blockchain France – 2017
• Digital Marketing fundamentals – Google Digital Active – 2016

The main tools I know.
Illustrator 65%
InDesign 70%
PackOffice 85%
Here are all the skills I’m currently learning or planned to learn.

Java Script 0%
SQL 0%
French 100%
English 75%

900/990 – May 2017

Develi’s Creed.

DEVELI’s creed comes from the contraction of DEtermination, perseVErance and resiLIence.

Determination being the decision to do something no matter how long or difficult the path is. Perseverance being to keep going through difficulties. Resilience being the mental ability to recover quickly from misfortune or failure. Which I think, are three inseparable assets for whom aims to achieve something difficult.


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They believed in me.

I will be eternally grateful to all the peoples who believed in me and pushed me further.
Here’s some of those who accepted to witness of my capabilities.

DAVID SIEGELFounder @Twenty Thirty AG
« Lucas Padovani has been an exceptional intern for our company (…). He is extremely bright and focused on getting results. He seeks to find answers and doesn’t make assumptions. He runs on internal motivation without waiting to be told what to do (…). He has a very bright future indeed. »
MARGAUX DE SAINT-VINCENTHead of Digital & Innovation @Lokall Group
« Incredibly focused, Lucas not only gets the job done but is capable of onboarding others. Needless to say, I recommend him. »
JEROME JOUANHeadmaster @Esupcom & Maestris Aix-en-Provence
« Curious, clever and passionate, (…) I can assure you that M. Lucas Padovani would certainly meet all your expactations. »



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